Avenger Endgame – Re-release

Avenger Endgame re-release: We just did not get out of the pain of Iron man’s death in the Avenger Endgame, and they are releasing again it worldwide with some extra scene and tribute to Stan Lee, who is the creator behind Marvel universe. let’s see on 28 June 2019


Well, it heartbreaking for many MCU fans that Avenger Endgame has not re-released in some cities. it got screens in some of the major cities for many reasons like in some theaters they are already showing some shows of the previous Avenger Endgame which was released on 26 April 2019 and many Bollywood movies like Article 15 already in theaters and working well.

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But I am providing some details about the Avenger Endgame that it has a tribute to Stan Lee which includes all his scene in the MCU and facts behind the scene.

Avenger Endgame -  Re-release 1

This is a collage of every cameo role of Stan Lee in MCU movies which he had played. After this scene, Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo came on the screen and they tell about that there were so many scenes which they wanted to keep in the movie but rejected because of the movie length issue. one of the scenes is based on Hulk, in which he was saving the people from the 44th floor of the building which got fire.

hulk lifting antenna disc

In this scene, he was lifting an antenna disc on which some people were settled down and he brings all of them at the safe place. Then he had a conversation with a firefighter in which Hulk was informing him that there is a temperature of 900 Calvin and they should immediately blowout that.

After that, he got a call from Steve (Captain America). Maybe, this was the scene before the situation when tony stark refused to help them, then Steve said that we need a huge brain for Time Heist.

So, this is what happens in the Avenger release, if the movie is in theaters of your city, then you can watch it. MCU will release its blue ray print for digital medium on 30th July 2019. Till then you can enjoy Avenger infinity war on amazon prime video, click on watch now button.

Avenger Endgame -  Re-release 2
Avenger Endgame -  Re-release 3

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